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Good Friends

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I was inspired by a posting at Ms. Jennie’s blog. She shares 2 nice quotes about friendship. It remind me to an old post at my blog. After reading her post, some words then come playing around in my head, words about friendship, words that I finally share through a comment. Here they are:

you don’t need a good friend to become one

What I mean here, we often search for good friends to trust, good friends we could rely on, good friends we would like to share our stories with, but we shouldn’t forget to see deep inside ourself first, how good have we treated our friends? How many people consider us as their good friends? Good friends come from inside ourself. We don’t need to search for them. They’re already here around us. Let’s not wait for good friends to come, we’ll find them when we become one.


they begin in mind, filtered by heart

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I’m not sure you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my tagline recently. It now says, well, you can see at the top of the page, and it’s the same as the title of this post. What is it all about? It’s just a quote coming out of my head.

They begin in mind, this first 4 words is what came out first. They mean whatever we want, whatever we do, whatever we say, they begin in our mind. They started abstract, untouchabel nor unseen. That is their first form. Do you wanna get a promotion? In your job, or in whatever you do now? It’s started in your head.

Filtered by heart, the next 3 words is somewhat a reminder. We can think whatever we want, or wish whatever we like, but our heart is the filter. Whether you will get promoted, it’s your heart to decide. How strong your will is, how hard you will try, how persistence you would be, they’re the reflection of your heart.

Your mind do the thingking, the wishing, the hoping or the expectation, and your heart set the commitment, the discipline and the hard work.