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Goodbye Paradise Island

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Bali is a very special island. I believe that it’s listed on top as a holiday destination of many Indonesian and even people around the world. It’s nature and culture is one of a kind, moreover, the people are really nice and friendly.

For me personally, there is even more to bali than that. The first time I step my feet on Bali was around 25 years ago in a holiday with my family. We went back there a few years later, but this time was to stay. We lived there for 3 years only, but those were really great years. Never have I imagined, that more than 15 years later I would move back to Bali, start a new life with my wife, have 2 kids and have even greater years.

Now 6 years has passed but I’m no longer living in Bali. 1,5 years ago our little family were given a great chance to go on a new adventure in a faraway land. So I would simply like to express my gratitude to the paradise island with this post. An island that will keep forever our great moments as wonderful memories, an island that we maybe one day will call again our home.

My Special thanks also to a special friend, Rian, who was helping a lot when I was moving in and still helping until the last day we were in Bali. Then also a big thanks to Markus and Peter (my boss in the company I currently work for), who were responsible for both great experience: moving us in to and out of Bali. Then of course, all my colleagues, friends and relatives who have made our Bali experience hundreds times more fun! I wish nothing but the best for all of you.

Bali Great Moments

(^^) akhir kata – kalau ada sumur di ladang, boleh kita menumpang mandi…

Bali Tour 3, Kebun Raya Bedugul

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Lex n Mon Laughing

At last! We finally had another Bali Tour after almost 1 year since our last one (^_^) If you curious about our previous tours, do check our 1st Bali Tour to Tanah Lot and 2nd Bali Tour to Uluwatu. So as the title suggest, this is our 3rd tour of Bali and this time we went to Kebun Raya Bedugul (KRB).

Photos at KRB 1KRB is a botanical garden located in Bedugul. It’s not actually the real name, but some people just call it that way because it’s located in Bedugul. Its real name is Kebun Raya Eka Karya. Honestly, before we went there, I didn’t really know what to expect from a botanical garden. I’ve never been on one before. So, I wasn’t sure how fun this trip would be. We started the tour a bit late in the afternoon. I think we leaved the house around 1 O’clock. There’s also something different with this tour. If there’s just me n my wife in our previous tours, this time there are 5 of us! No, no, we’re not having triplets 😛 hehehe… It’s me, uly, lex, uly’s mom and uly’s brother.

Bedugul is about 2 hours of driving from our home. Quite far, but we did enjoy the trip. Driving through green areas is always a good refreshing for the eyes. Plus the weather was clear during the trip. We arrived there around 3 O’clock. Unfortunately, rain fall exactly on our arrival. It was just a light one, but we didn’t want to put Lex on any risk. So we drive around slowly hoping the rain would stop any minute, and thank God it does 🙂


Bali Tour 2, Uluwatu

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Uluwatu StairsFinally… our 2nd tour of Bali. The plan was actually to have it once a month, but we missed last month. Well, I guess we have to reconsider the plan due to fuel price jump anyway. It might be better having it once in 2 or 3 months (^_^)

Uluwatu! That’s our 2nd destination. It wasn’t far from our home, less than 30 minutes driving up. Yes, driving up. Uluwatu is a sea cliff located in the southern part of Bali. They built a temple right at the top of the cliff, a beautiful one. There’s also a round arena which I think they sometimes use as a stage for kecak dance performance. Plus… there are lots of monkeys in this area. They live free and uncaged, so you must be careful with what you bring or wear. Some of them are naughty enough to grab it from you without permission (^_^)


Jakarta vs Bali, Match 1

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1-0: kalau mau nonton, Jakarta banyak pilihan bioskop dan 1 bioskop saja bisa punya 4-6 studio yang kwalitasnya muanthap muanthap mulai dari lobi, kantin, sound system bahkan wc. Sayangnya Bali hanya ada 1 bioskop yang kwalitasnya lumayan. Itu pun hanya punya 2 studio. Hiks…

1-1: Jakarta mau ke mana-mana jauh. Rumah uly yang deket ama rumah gw aja bisa 20-30 menit. Di Bali, rumah gw yang jauh banget dari kantor cukup 35 menit :p hehe (dan ga pake macet euy)

1-2: Bali masih banyak sawah dan pemandangan yang bikin seger, bahkan di jalan ke kantor selalu ngelewatin daerah hijau, bikin selalu fresh setiap hari.

2-2: Jakarta apa-apa selalu masuk duluan. Film, juga komik. Hiks… kalo di Bali perlu nunggu 1 bulan buat film dan paling cepet 2 hari buat komik. nasib…

3-2: Jakarta sudah banyak bahan bakar alternatif selain pertamina, jadi hampir semua gas station melatih karyawannya untuk lebih ramah dan tidak macam2 sama pelanggan. Sayangnya Bali masih banyak pengisian gak dari 0 dan gak pas sesuai jumlah yang di bayar, terutama buat motor 🙁

3-3: Pandanglah ke atas, apakah yang tampak di langit jakarta? Kumpulan asap hitam di antara bangunan tinggi. di Bali, langit terasa lebih biru dan lebih luas, masih banyak burung-burung berterbangan. Dari burung gereja, burung bangau sampe burung elang (atau rajawali ya?). Alami banget, jadi fresh fresh fresh! Bukan daging burung segar lho maksud gw 😛

3-4: di Jakarta, jangan nekad meninggalkan kendaraan bermotor di tempat terbuka dalam waktu yang lama, you know why. di Bali, jangan ragu (^_^)

Well, di pertandingan pertama ini sepertinya Bali masih unggul. Kita lihat pertandingan berikutnya kapan-kapan.

Bali Tour 1, Tanah Lot

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Echo Beach

Before we got married and moved to Bali me and uly made a vow, witnessed by ipong and recorded in a handy cam. The vow is this: after moving to Bali, we would have a day trip to a special place in bali at least once a month. Well, it’s time for us to begin the journey of our vow (–) 19th April 2008

Tanah Lot1st place we decided to visit is Tanah Lot, reachable in less than 30 minutes from my office. But… It took us 3 weeks to finally visit it 😀 Don’t ask why 😛 Anyway, since it isn’t far, we leaved house in mid day. We had lunch in a great place named Echo Beach, about 5 minutes from my office. It’s a restaurant with a fabulous beach view, great taste, unbelievable portion and commensurate price (you can also enjoy free WiFi internet here). It’s located in Canggu area. We had wonderful lunch, me having Mexican Fajitas Chicken, and Uly a Seafood Platter. Well, we took some pictures here, but too bad we only had the food recorded in the handy cam.