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Goodbye Paradise Island

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Bali is a very special island. I believe that it’s listed on top as a holiday destination of many Indonesian and even people around the world. It’s nature and culture is one of a kind, moreover, the people are really nice and friendly.

For me personally, there is even more to bali than that. The first time I step my feet on Bali was around 25 years ago in a holiday with my family. We went back there a few years later, but this time was to stay. We lived there for 3 years only, but those were really great years. Never have I imagined, that more than 15 years later I would move back to Bali, start a new life with my wife, have 2 kids and have even greater years.

Now 6 years has passed but I’m no longer living in Bali. 1,5 years ago our little family were given a great chance to go on a new adventure in a faraway land. So I would simply like to express my gratitude to the paradise island with this post. An island that will keep forever our great moments as wonderful memories, an island that we maybe one day will call again our home.

My Special thanks also to a special friend, Rian, who was helping a lot when I was moving in and still helping until the last day we were in Bali. Then also a big thanks to Markus and Peter (my boss in the company I currently work for), who were responsible for both great experience: moving us in to and out of Bali. Then of course, all my colleagues, friends and relatives who have made our Bali experience hundreds times more fun! I wish nothing but the best for all of you.

Bali Great Moments

(^^) akhir kata – kalau ada sumur di ladang, boleh kita menumpang mandi…

The Curious Case of Blog Sahat Tambunan

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I can’t remember when I started blogging and I also can’t remember why. Taking a glance at my archives link in this blog, I notice that I started blogging here since March 2007. However I didn’t start my first blog here, I started blogging on friendster. So friendster is the one that introduce me to blogging. Again I take a glance at my archives link, but this time in my previous blog in friendster. Well, well, what do u know, now I remember that my first post is in 2005 and here is the content:

Hari ini, Jumat, 9 September 2005, 18.17, Pertamaโ€ฆ

Hahaha, a very simple first post (^^) Anyway, now I know that at 9 September 2011, I would have been blogging for 6 years. Ah wait, I almost forgot. I have my blog connected to my facebook on October 2008. So everything I posted on my blog since then was also automatically posted on my facebook notice a few hours later. For all these, I personally like to thanks Friendster, WordPress and Facebook for giving me the chance to share by easy blogging.

My blogging life is not actually such a cool thing. I’m not a famous blogger that can have hundreds of comments in every post. I’m also not actively posting through these years. I’m not a great writer who can always provide entertaining posts. But hey wait a minute! Now I remember why I started it. It’s because I like sharing. Sharing thoughts, knowledges, experiences, ideas, new information and sometimes just sharing what I feel. I never hope to get famous (though I wouldn’t have rejected it have I had the chance ๐Ÿ˜› hehe).


New Face (^_^)

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Woho… a new face for my blog. It’s black, it’s simple, it’s about my life (^_^)

Ga Jadi Pulang

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Udah jam 8 malem nih, udah niat banget pulang dari kantor. Tapi tiba2 suara ujan di luar menghentikan proses beres2 meja. Yap! Akhirnya duduk lagi, bengong di depan laptop. Masa lanjutin kerja lagi? gak deh, semua aplikasi buat kerja udah di tutup abis. Ngapain ya? Tinggal Firefox ama YM yang masih kebuka nih, hm… ngelirik sekilas ke google toolbar yang nangkring di kanan atas, isenglah jari melantunkan 2 buah kata yang sangat familiar, “sahat tambunan”Enter deh!

Page 1 tetap seperti biasa, kayanya sih ga banyak perubahan. Namanya orang ga ada kerjaan, iseng2 terus nelusurin page by page nya, sampe, eh… What the???
Masuk Tempo Ya?


13 Template Update

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I’ve just updated my template with some minor changes. here they are:

  1. notice my new header?

  2. fix some of the template bug.

  3. update content background to white round corner box with drow shadow effect (fix a template bug)

  4. move pages link from sidebar to header

  5. move search box from sidebar to header

  6. add function to show/hide search button automatically

  7. add function to set/reset search text automatically

  8. add shoutbox to sidebar

  9. reorder the sidebar items

  10. add hide/show function for some items in sidebar

  11. add frog (kocu) image at the bottom of post view

  12. tambahin link ke main domain di header, sebelum pages link

  13. hm… udah, kayanya sih itu aja

13 kan? rada maksa dikit gapapalah ๐Ÿ˜›

Blog Movie Rating

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Have you ever noticed about movie rating? In Indonesia, people never really concern about this. No one will confirm your age when buying a movie ticket. I’m not sure whether they even aware of movie rating. But that’s not what I like to share anyway. A blogger friend share this tool with me and I find it kinda nice to try. It can explore your sites and rate it with a movie rating. Not important to try, but worth the fun if you have the time ๐Ÿ˜€ Here’s my blog movie rating

Blog Movie Rating (G)

Photo Blog Plugin

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I’ve shared about 2 wordpress plugins I use to support photo blogging before. Well, here’s the update, after using Lightbox for some time, I found it really thirst of resource, and was causing heavy load on my blog. I was truly amazed by its work, but I can’t tolerate the load any longer. So I decide to find another solution. Well, looks like I’m not the only one, and even better, someone else has done the slimming process to Lightbox load and came up with Litebox, a much lighter version of Lightbox. Perfect! So next step is to seek for Litebox plugin for WordPress. Didn’t take much time to find one ๐Ÿ˜›

I downloaded it, tested it locally and found it worked perfectly. So I installed it to my blog right away. Tada, came up with a small problem. It can’t locate 2 images, the loading and the close button. I checked the source a bit, and found the problem. It was because I’m using static URI, date and name base permalink. The javascript didn’t translate the image location correctly. The fix is simple, open litebox-1.0.js in js folder and seek for this line:

var fileLoadingImage = "wp-content/plugins/gblitebox/images/loading.gif";
var fileBottomNavCloseImage = "wp-content/plugins/gblitebox/images/closelabel.gif";

All I did was added a slash at the beginning of the string so it would look like this:

var fileLoadingImage = "/wp-content/plugins/gblitebox/images/loading.gif";
var fileBottomNavCloseImage = "/wp-content/plugins/gblitebox/images/closelabel.gif";

Very simple fix huh? but I didn’t work it out instantly. I edited the file a few times but uploaded a different file with the same filename from another location. It took me half an hour to realize it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ phew.