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The Only One Who Call Me Leo

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goodbye nte She is the only person who call me by my middle name, Leo. Growing up together in the same house, she is already like the oldest sister to us all.

I would never forget those precious moments. The one she punished me to stand on 1 feet with 1 hand touching my ear on the other side, the one she made me admit my lies because she asked me to swear in front of an image from Jesus, or the one she and my bother and sisters laughed so hard while trying to release me when I got zipped by my pants (dont ask). Hahahaha, I’m not so sure if they are good memories though.

She really played a big role making me the way I am now, and I am so grateful for it. She is smart, wise, kind and tough! She is the person I always look up to, especially since we have some similarities! We both are the youngest child and our birthday is next to each other. I always believe I should be more like her to become a better person.