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Once in a Lifetime

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is this a dream…?
will i wake up realizing that this isn’t real…?

these tears… are they real?
these feeling… it hurts

your strong arms, they used to carry me
your deep gaze, it can always see through me
the warmth of your laugh, they had always cheered me
and love… i can always feel it in your admonitions

dad, there are so many things i still want to tell you
so many things i still want to show you
look dad!! look what i can do now!
look! please look..! please…
maybe just for one last time…
let me just show you… what i’ve become
so imperfect and far from your expectation,
yet, you never fail…
to make me feel so precious, so loved

these tears… they are real
these feeling… it remains

i know it’s not a dream
nothing will change the moment i wake up
so just let me keep these memories within
all about you, and all that you are

rest in peace papa,
we love you…