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Goodbye Paradise Island

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Bali is a very special island. I believe that it’s listed on top as a holiday destination of many Indonesian and even people around the world. It’s nature and culture is one of a kind, moreover, the people are really nice and friendly.

For me personally, there is even more to bali than that. The first time I step my feet on Bali was around 25 years ago in a holiday with my family. We went back there a few years later, but this time was to stay. We lived there for 3 years only, but those were really great years. Never have I imagined, that more than 15 years later I would move back to Bali, start a new life with my wife, have 2 kids and have even greater years.

Now 6 years has passed but I’m no longer living in Bali. 1,5 years ago our little family were given a great chance to go on a new adventure in a faraway land. So I would simply like to express my gratitude to the paradise island with this post. An island that will keep forever our great moments as wonderful memories, an island that we maybe one day will call again our home.

My Special thanks also to a special friend, Rian, who was helping a lot when I was moving in and still helping until the last day we were in Bali. Then also a big thanks to Markus and Peter (my boss in the company I currently work for), who were responsible for both great experience: moving us in to and out of Bali. Then of course, all my colleagues, friends and relatives who have made our Bali experience hundreds times more fun! I wish nothing but the best for all of you.

Bali Great Moments

(^^) akhir kata – kalau ada sumur di ladang, boleh kita menumpang mandi…