Valentine’s Day Plus One

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Valentine's Gift from LexYesterday is what many people know as Valentine’s Day (VD). Honestly, I don’t know a lot about it until I read it today in Wiki. All I know was VD should be the day when ones celebrate their love with a special person in their life. Spending a special time together in a special way. For some people it’s also a chance to give a gift of love, where flowers and chocolate is usually the most common alternative.

Well, now I know that the name Valentine itself doesn’t have any romantic history. Beside the fact that people still celebrate it on Feb 14th, the celebration of VD nowadays hasn’t got any relevance to its origin. Some other countries has adapted VD celebration to their own version, not sure if this is a result of a social assimilation or just an end product of commercialization. Yet, some countries/people still see VD as a christian day. This has caused the celebration of this day is prohibited in some countries/area.

Tonight, I’m not going to debate about should or should you not celebrate VD. Beside, VD is already a few hours behind (here). I’d just like to remind myself, that from today I only have 320 days left of this year (2011). That’s considering The End of Days isn’t coming anytime soon 😛 Anyway, I don’t have any choice with what I should have done in the past, but I’ll always have a choice with I should do in these next 320 days.

It never really matters if today is VD, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Best Friends’ Day or just an ordinary day. What matter is as long as I have love, for God, family, parents, siblings, relatives, friends or anyone, then I have enough reason to celebrate today 🙂

Well, happy any day to all of you! 😉
Love, Sahat Tambunan

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One Response to “Valentine’s Day Plus One”

  1. SIge Says:

    halo bos apa kabar ney..lama tak bersua disini,

    VD wow topik anak muda banget..hahaha

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