The Curious Case of Blog Sahat Tambunan

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I can’t remember when I started blogging and I also can’t remember why. Taking a glance at my archives link in this blog, I notice that I started blogging here since March 2007. However I didn’t start my first blog here, I started blogging on friendster. So friendster is the one that introduce me to blogging. Again I take a glance at my archives link, but this time in my previous blog in friendster. Well, well, what do u know, now I remember that my first post is in 2005 and here is the content:

Hari ini, Jumat, 9 September 2005, 18.17, Pertama…

Hahaha, a very simple first post (^^) Anyway, now I know that at 9 September 2011, I would have been blogging for 6 years. Ah wait, I almost forgot. I have my blog connected to my facebook on October 2008. So everything I posted on my blog since then was also automatically posted on my facebook notice a few hours later. For all these, I personally like to thanks Friendster, WordPress and Facebook for giving me the chance to share by easy blogging.

My blogging life is not actually such a cool thing. I’m not a famous blogger that can have hundreds of comments in every post. I’m also not actively posting through these years. I’m not a great writer who can always provide entertaining posts. But hey wait a minute! Now I remember why I started it. It’s because I like sharing. Sharing thoughts, knowledges, experiences, ideas, new information and sometimes just sharing what I feel. I never hope to get famous (though I wouldn’t have rejected it have I had the chance πŸ˜› hehe).

I believe that if I share what I have,
I will not lose it,
instead, I will gain even more.

Today, after blogging for more than 5 years (and not getting famous :-P), I now realize another advantage of it. It’s like having a journal of your life. Not a complete one (depending on how active you are), but you could always look back through it. In fact, I just did it last night, spent a few hours reading back through some of my early posts. I really can’t describe how great it felt, remembering things I’ve forgotten, the good times, the bad times, what I wrote when I was down and also remember how things was finally turned out. There even some very UN-important posts that I’ve written during some dull moments in my life, really! and it’s still fun to read them, or… eh… It probably just my narcissity πŸ˜€

Well, after a few years of passive blogging, I now want to start getting a bit more active. Who knows, maybe I will get famous one day πŸ˜† hahahahaha, g’night then mina san. Ah! 1 last thing, if you’re reading this in my facebook, why not come and visit my blog once in a while. It won’t hurt and you never know what you might found πŸ˜‰

Best Regards, Sahat Tambunan

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