Samsung Firmware Link Removed

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Dear All,

yesterday I received an official letter from Samsung Netherland to stop distributing any unofficial firmware releases from my website. As I’ve said on the last paragraph of my post, I didn’t know about the legal issues of providing these files. Well, now I do (^^)

For this reason, starting from today, I will stop hosting all files related to this issue. I will also ignore any emails asking for these files.

Sorry if this bring dissapointment to some of you, I hope you can find yourself another solution.

Best Regards,
Sahat Tambunan

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9 Responses to “Samsung Firmware Link Removed”

  1. Hero Says:

    More firmware for printers

  2. oezie Says:

    pak saya punya samsung ml-2240 dengan os version bpk punya sofware resetter untuk os tesebut pa? mohon minta link downloadnya pak. karena saya kapok pake jumper pa. saya pernah nyoba sekali untuk printer ml-1640 dijumper. awalnya bisa pa dan lancar dan setelah print kurang lebih 150 halaman syhu pemanas samsung saya jadi tinggi sampai2 fuser saya meleleh pak.dan lampu pemanas langsung putus. jadi untuk ml-2240 saya pingin nyoba memakai sofware.mungkin lebih aman. kalo bapak berkenan memberitahu saya link download samsung dengn os version saya sdh nyari yang dapet os version
    sebelumnya saya ucapkan terimaksih .

  3. JonnyBeBad Says:


    Thanks for your help with this post. I found the files at and used them on my ML-1640 with firmware of

    After using the flash, my page count remained at 1960 pages, toner page count said 0%. The printer though had a green light and successfully completed the next print job. I noticed that my firmware now says 1.01.0083f and the date has changed from 5-13-2009 to 4-08-2009. Cartridge capacity has increased from 0.7k to 1.5k. It still also says “Not supported” for the cartridge but printing is successful.

    To note, if this site is hosted in the USA, you are not liable for comments or links left on your blog. If this is hosted in Canada, it is still yet to be determined if that is the case. I am not familiar with other jurisdictions. It generally depends on who and where your hosting provider is.

  4. kocu Says:

    hi guys, let’s not discuss this any further here 🙂 thank you

  5. Anthony Says:

    Hey my client has updated their firmware to ML1640_V1010096 and none of the firmware fixes are working like V1010086 and V1010093 as the printer just keeps flickering red/green even if I hold down the on button for three secs. I think this printer has been blocked now. Can anyone help?

  6. Jack Says:

    I would just like to send a big thanks all the way from Australia to you and everyone who helped out with the printer firmware issue. Saved me plenty of headaches and time. I love my little s@msung-1640 but it is ridiculous the efforts companies (such as s@msung) goto just so they can be capitalistic despite the massive cost to the consumer and the environment. If s@msung does not wish their customers to use aftermarket cartridges or refill their originals then they should offer genuine cartridges available in more locations at competitive prices (ie. not the same price as the original printer unit). Again, thank you, its nice to know there are resourceful and helpful people in this world like yourself and ooppoo

  7. Tassadar Says:

    Hi all,

    I Bought a compatible toner for my Samsung ML-1640 and i didn’t know that it was not supported by the machine and was not aware about the flashing procedured that have to be done.

    The original toner get depleted and installed the compatible one. In this moment 2 pages were printed without any problem….

    Problems came next time I needed a print, now the red light stays on the printed and nothing can be done to solve it:

    -I’ve try to print this test page I’ve read over there pressing the printer button once plugged on, but printer prints nothing.

    -I’ve try to flash turning on the printer and then launching .bat file.

    -I’ve try to switch on the printer while pressing the button and flash when light is blinking fast. In this way finally led stays green, and i swith off printer, wait 15 seconds and switch on again… no result at all, printer again leaves led red.

    -Since I can’t print the test page I don’t know the firmware version, but i oppened printer back and there was a sheet saying “ML – 1640/SEE V1.29.00.78(LF)”. So I suppose it’s the default firmware of the printer.

    -I’ve try downl1640_93 since it’s supposed to be the one that works with my printer ( but it doesn’t work.

    -I’ve try to make the hardware reset, joining the two pins of the chip and keeping then 10 secs after on the printer… no result at all…

    I’m really desperate and I think the printer is definetly died. I don’t want to waste money buyng an original toner if the printer is dead.

    Any advice? I sincerely would thank it.


  8. Pierre Says:


    I use this pack for the ML 1640 with .96 firmware and with the indications from the previous post.

    I work great !

    Thanks you !

  9. Alg Says:

    It’s very stupid!!! All concerns now are producing product that is specially programmed by engineers to spoil. If your product is not working you cannot open and try to repair this. Product’s cover is specially designed for no-open. If you cannot repair concern’s product there is no way to buy new and pay money. Print’s cartridges are very expensive (more than new printer) buying new cartridge costs more than buying new printer. It’s stupid! And if you try to find way to fill cartridge you will be prosecuted like “criminal” becouse of illegal filling cartridge. But who should be really prosecuted? Who cheats? Customer? Why customer cheats? Becouse some concern wants to earn money, no little … much money.

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