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Do you speak (the right) love languages?

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I have some ideas to write today, but I couldn’t decide which to prioritize. Akhirnya setelah sedikit blogwalking, I get inspired by yaya post about love and marriage. So I decided to post this one first. It came while I was having a conversation with a relative a few days ago. He shared about the Five Love Languages which I found out later is originally introduced by Gary Chapman.

What would you have in mind when you hear the term “Love Languages”? Yang pasti Bahasa adalah salah satu media yang digunakan oleh manusia untuk saling berkomunikasi. So if I try to define “Love Languages” with my own words, It would be a media to communicate your love to others. Which in a couple perspective, that would be to your spouse. O iya, sebelum lanjut mohon maaf if I use bilingual campur2 dalam posting kali ini ya, lagi bener2 iseng aja 😀 hehehe

I personally believe that communication plays a very big role in all sides of our life. Dalam lingkungan pekerjaan misalnya, sebaik apapun kerja kita, bila kita tidak dapat mengkomunikasikannya dengan baik pada atasan, kita mungkin tidak akan mendapatkan keuntungan apapun. Contoh lain dalam love life, distance could seperate couples phisically but good communication could become a key to keep them together. Thus, the same rule applied also to the opposite condition. Couples who live together but having bad communication could end up destroying their relationships.

So Dale (my relative) explain to me about the five languages of love that day. I didn’t catch all directly at that time, so I took some times to reread them in The Five Love Languages website. Intinya sih, ada 5 bahasa cinta, yang semuanya baik dan patut dipakai dalam sebuah hubungan kasih. But the most important point is, the value of each language are differ to everyone. So we need to know which one is most valued by our spouse. A couple need to speak the right language of love untuk pasangannya. This is what I believe as a good communication in love. Contohnya, you can spend your whole life trying to assure your wife how much you still love her, but if you didn’t say it the the way she wants you to, she might would never understand that.

Jadi… apa saja kelima bahasa cinta tersebut?