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Reset ML-1640 and ML-2240 for Refill Toner

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Samsung ML-2240As I’ve shared on my previous post about how I tried to look for soft-solution for resetting a Samsung ML-2240 so it can use refill toner, in this post I will give the download link and the howto. Instead of giving you the whole package, I provide them in 2 packages for each printer model, the raw package and the simple package.

The Raw Package contains the original firmware upgrader from Samsung with the patcher and firmware downloader. With this package you’ll need to run the complete steps I did.

The Simple package contains only the patched version of firmware so you only need to do the final step I did.

Feel free to use whichever package you prefer. But before we begin, please read carefully these facts:

  1. The patcher are NOT made by me, all credit goes to the original creator which I unfortunately don’t know
  2. The firmware upgrader included in the raw package are official version downloaded from Samsung website
  3. The firmware file included in the simple package are the patched version
  4. I provide the links and the manual but please use it at your own risk
  5. I’ve run the patched for a Samsung ML-2240 and it worked, but I never test the fix for ML-1640, however I also supply the file because it’s provided by the same patcher
  6. My operating system is Windows XP SP2


Reset Samsung ML-2240 to use Refill Toner

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Our office just bought a new printer this month. It’s a Samsung Mono Laser Printer ML-2240. Even with toner save mode we didn’t need 1 month to dry down the pre-packed toner (^^) At first I thought it was cool to have the smart panel alerting us that the toner was almost empty. But to keep having this alert even after we refill the toner… hm… It started to become a bit annoying. Well guess what! The worst has yet to come. Shortly, the printer refuse to print at all and the (not so) smart panel keeps alerting us of exhausted toner.

Samsung ML-2240As usual, google was the first thing I did. Sadly, most of the answers of this problem I could found were short circuiting 2 pins of a chip inside the printer. Hell no! I ain’t going to do anything like that to a new printer. Well, I’m not really good at handling such tiny things anyway πŸ˜›

But, after some times of struggles, I finally found another solution without disassembling the printer. It said we could reset it by upgrading the printer firmware. Hm, sounds like a very good solution. So the next hunt begins. I searched for the printer firmware everywhere with no luck. The guy in the forum said he downloaded it from Samsung website, but I can’t seem to find it. Another BIG THANKS to google, their cache still keep Samsung page that offer the download. I’m not sure why, but looks like Samsung removed the download link from their website. My guess is it was for the same reason why I was looking for it πŸ˜› hehe


“Weird Al” Yankovic:You Don’t Love Me Anymore

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Hahaha, suddenly remember about this funny song during high school. Just saw the video clip on youtube today, the song is original but the clip is a parody version of extreme “more than words”. There’s a strange noise at the beginning of the clip, but I think it’s on purpose as copyright protection. This song made me LOL the first time I heard it, and still makes me smile everytime I rehear it (^^)

» Click here to watch Video Clip of “Weird Al” Yankovic: You Don’t Love Me Anymore
» Click here to download mp3 of “Weird Al” Yankovic: You Don’t Love Me Anymore «


Street Fighter IV – Brings me back the memory

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Street Fighter IVStreet Fighter (SF) is one of the top fighting game series in the world. It’s very well known even by non-gamers. I met it the first time on SNES machine more than 10 years ago. I can still remember beating up my friends all the time. Of course most of them are not gamers πŸ˜› hehe

Well, not so long ago I heard that Street Fighter IV, the latest series of this game is going to be released on PC. WoW, I was quite surprised. Having been a PC gamer for so long I know that there aren’t many fighting game for PC, especially nowadays. So, I guess it’s worth the shot πŸ™‚

I finally had my hands on it about a week ago. The graphic is very very beatifully done, especially if you compare it with the SNES version πŸ˜€ But… I feel like I don’t have the right to give much comments on the graphic side. My computer isn’t well equipped for new games, so I have to set down most of the graphical enhancement options to be able to play it with playable speed πŸ˜›


Bercak Bintik Merah pada Bayi setelah Demam

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Hari kamis minggu lalu uly telepon memberi kabar bahwa lex tiba-tiba demam. Suhu lex mulai naik sampai 38,4 Β°C. Pertolongan pertama sesuai anjuran dokter kami berikan parasetamol untuk menurunkan panas. Karena panas tidak kunjung turun maka saya pulang kantor agak cepat dan kami segera ke dokter. Dokter melihat tenggorokan lex agak merah, jadi kami pulang dengan 1 obat puyer dan 1 obat sirup untuk mengobati radang tenggorokan.

Besoknya ternyata panas lex kembali naik hingga diatas 39 Β°C. Kali ini uly menghubungi dokter lewat telepon dan dianjurkan menggunakan ibuprofen menggantikan parasetamol sebagai penurun demam. Panas lex pun berangsur turun.

Hari ketiga, paginya lex masih agak hangat. Untungnya hari sabtu, jadi aku bisa ikut jaga lex seharian. Sorenya kami mulai lebih tenang karena panas lex semakin turun.


Love and the journey of life

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Hari ini waktu lagi cari2 note tiba2 nemu file lama yg isinya seperti di bawah ini…

Love and the journey of life

in my search of love, i’ve failed
in the journey of life, i lost faith
years of life, searching for one
only to find, the love behind

in your search of love, you cried
in the journey of life, you seek light
living your life, wondering why
never find the one, your love you

in our search of love, We sacrificed
in our journey of life, did we find the one?

until love, finally found us…

Udah lupa waktu nulis dulu lagi mikirin apaan, jadi udah lupa juga artinya apaan. Di coba baca2 lagi jg masih tetep aja bingung πŸ˜› hehe, au ah. Berhubung belum sempet bikin post baru jd post iseng2 dulu aja deh (^_^)

Jual Monitor 17″ Bekas Warnet

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Tambahan barang titipan lagi nih πŸ™‚


Monitor bekas warnet 14 Monitor Bekas Kondisi Baik
Viewsonic CRT 17″
Harga Total Rp 5.600.000

• Tidak dijual satuan
• Hanya untuk Jakarta dan sekitarnya
• Ongkos kirim ditanggung pembeli

Yg tertarik bisa menghubungi Sun Yin di
021 9307 5552 atau 081 777 2212