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Comic Books (not) for Children

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I will start writing reviews about manga (japanese comics). Why? Because I have hundreds of them sitting on my drawers. Well, that’s not actually the main reason. In Indonesia and even maybe in many other countries, comics are very much seen as books for children. This has caused the lack of attentions from parents of what comic books their children are reading.

Let me tell you the fact. Comics are just like other books. Each of them has their own theme, and some of these themes are not suitable for children. It’s not only about nudity or violence. Many of manga out there need a very mature audience to justify the value of the story. If you’re not careful, your children could get a topic to hard for their age to comprehend. This could lead to misjudgment or even misbehavior.

Thankfully, some comic publishers in Indonesia has realized this, and they put readers rating on their books. So I suggest you to always check the rating before buying your children some comic books. Or even better, read what they read so you can emphasize the moral lessons they can learn from the books.