Something Cute is Coming to Town

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Ri Chan Pregnant YapYap! It’s my wife you’re seeing, and as you can see, she’s not alone (^_^) She’s now 7 months pregnant, and that means our 1st baby is coming sometime around new year! Ho… ho… ho… (singing mode on) something cute is coming to town…

I’ve seen many pregnant women before, but seeing my own wife being pregnant is a whole new experience. Knowing that something… someone… will popup of my wife and live with us as part of the family, the fruit of our love. With new fun, new love, new tasks, new experiences, new budgets and most important: new responsibilities.

Anyway, I just wanna share our happiness in this short post. Best wishes from us, and don’t hesitate to share with us some tips (^_^)

PS. We already have a name for him, It’s Tambunan – hehe 😛

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9 Responses to “Something Cute is Coming to Town”

  1. faizal Says:

    Man, your’s is Tambunan, your dad is Tambunan, your granddad was Tambunan, and so on…don’t you ever get tired of it? Why don’t you be creative and use other, Pandjaitan for example?


    Good luck, wish your wife and baby-will-be is always healthy…

  2. kocu Says:

    hahahaha (^0^) dudul. But thanx for for the good wishes 🙂

  3. veny Says:

    Semoga kehamilan istri sehat & lancar2 aja yah ..

  4. OktaEndy Says:

    wah.. ini bisa disebut senior goten project.
    selisih ampir 1.3 bulan.
    bisa bisa nanti anak kita koding bareng lagi 😀
    congratzz yach..

    comment yang pertama oke juga.. huahahahaha…

  5. kocu Says:

    amien 🙂 trims ya

    hihihi, makanya waktu komen di goten project aku bilang kami juga udah punya “codename” 😀 Tapi mendingan di suruh maen gim bareng daripada koding bareng 😛

  6. dian Says:

    horas !

    semoga lancar2x aja ye

  7. kocu Says:

    horas jg!! makasih ya (^_^)

  8. ober Says:

    wahh sebentar lagi Tambunan Junior hadir ..
    pasti lucu …

  9. kocu Says:

    yap! sekitar pas tahun baru. lucu sih ga tau juga bet, tapi yg pasti ganteng! 😆 hahahaha…

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