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Melirik RUU Pornografi

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Hal-hal yang berbau porno memang sangat menjual ya, dalam bentuk RUU saja bisa menjadi bahan perdebatan dan berita yang hot di mana-mana (^_^) Saya sendiri sebenernya tidak terlalu tertarik. Tapi setelah mendengar dan membaca beragam pendapat yang saling bertentangan sepertinya seru juga.

Sedikit tentang Pornografi

Pornografi dalam wiki dijelaskan berasal dari bahasa Yunani pornographia yang secara harafiah berarti tulisan/gambar tentang pelacur. Yang kemudian dijelaskan sebagai penggambaran tubuh manusia atau perilaku seksual manusia dengan tujuan membangkitkan rangsangan seksual. Sejarah membuktikan bahwa pornografi bukanlah hal baru di dunia, termasuk Indonesia.

Sudah banyak negara lain mengatur legalitas pornografi sesuai dengan budaya dan nilai yang dimiliki oleh masing-masing negara. Saya sendiri berpendapat Indonesia perlu mengatur distribusi dan batas konsumsi pornografi. Eits, tapi bukan berarti saya Pro RUU Pornografi, dan juga bukan berarti saya kontra.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in sleep?

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When you sleep where do your fingers go?
What do your fingers know
What do your fingers show

When You Sleep ~ by. Cake

They say you need about 8 hours of sleep a day. I also read an article about a survey result showing that people who lives longer spend 6-7 hours a day for sleeping. Despite of the fact that everyone have some sleep everyday, I believe that sleeping remains a mystery for most people (at least it is for me 😛 ). Why do we have dreams? What’s the meaning of those dreams? What about sleepwalking? or ngompol (bedwetting)?

Hm… Discussing those matters would take a lifetime. Let’s just skip that. I have a very simple question today, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your sleep? Me? Here is a list of answers I could get from myself:

  • Hit my wife
    (she woke me up and said that I just hit her. Strange, I can’t remember anything. Beside, I actually still refuse to believe that I did that)
  • Spit
    (yuck, I remember kinda blur that I also spit in my dream)
  • Sing
    (or more likely humming, I also remember I sang in my dream, my wife told me about this the morning after)

Well, that’s mine. What’s your weirdest thing? (^_^) dare to share?

New Puppies in the house!!

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Me n BearWe’re having new puppies in the house (^_^) Ipong (one of our dog) gave birth to them last month. 3 cute ones, and all are girls.

Since we can’t keep them (we already have 3 dogs at home), we only gave a temporary name to each of them. The 1st one we named Sapi, because she looks a lot like a cow (^_^) Then Bear because she’s so white and look like a polar bear (^-^) and the last one we named Phantom because she’s all black.

My friend will adopt phantom, and my aunt is thinking to adopt one, too (though she still hasn’t made her final decision on which one she’d have). It’s hard to let go the puppies (.,) They’re already like part of the family. But as I said, we already have 3 dogs, and there’s no way we can keep another (unless we’re having a larger house with larger yard and larger income, hehe). But this means we still have 1 puppy needing a new home, anyone? (–,)

I love my mom, but this….?

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Ibu melahirkan kita sambil menangis kesakitan. Masihkah Kita menyakitkan-nya? Masih mampukah kita tertawa melihat penderitaan-nya? Mencaki maki-nya? Melawan-nya? Memukul-nya? Mengacuhkan-nya? Meninggalkan-nya? Ibu tidak pernah mengeluh membersihkan Kotoran Yang ada pada waktu kita masih kecil, Memberikan ASI waktu kita bayi, Mencuci celana kotor kita, Menahan derita, Menggendong kita sendirian. SADARILAH bahwa di Dunia ini ga ada 1 orang pun yang mau mati demi IBU. Kirimkan ke 10 orang agar IBU KITA PANJANG UMUR

I got this message poping up on my computer already a few times in the last few days. Some comes through YM and some through Skype.

Well, I know giving birth is not an easy experience. I also know she didn’t raise me instantly, and I surely know that she wants nothing but the best for me. Yet, I still hurt her feelings some times. And yes! Yes, I love my mom. The big question mark is, what’s the connection of forwarding this message and our mother? How would sending this message to another 10 persons could make my mom lives longer? Pul-lie-asee…

If you love really your mom, please:

  1. Stop sending this kinda message.
  2. Give her a warmth call regularly.
  3. Visit her and give her a lovely hug and kiss.
  4. Tell her that you love her.

I can’t promise you that she’ll live longer, but I assure you that she’ll be a very happy mother.

My wife is back

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Don’t get it wrong, she didn’t go anywhere (^_^) It’s about her homepage. It is now 100% alive and will be updated regularly.

Since she likes drawing, taking photos (esp. of our dogs), scrap-booking and photo designs, we decided to make the homepage as a gallery. We plan to also use it for our family album, and since she likes cooking (sometimes 😛 ), she’ll also upload photos of food she made which I’m sure would make you drool.

Anyway, we’ll be very happy to have friends visiting or even giving comments. I’ll see you there (^_^)