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New Face (^_^)

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Woho… a new face for my blog. It’s black, it’s simple, it’s about my life (^_^)

Bali Tour 2, Uluwatu

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Uluwatu StairsFinally… our 2nd tour of Bali. The plan was actually to have it once a month, but we missed last month. Well, I guess we have to reconsider the plan due to fuel price jump anyway. It might be better having it once in 2 or 3 months (^_^)

Uluwatu! That’s our 2nd destination. It wasn’t far from our home, less than 30 minutes driving up. Yes, driving up. Uluwatu is a sea cliff located in the southern part of Bali. They built a temple right at the top of the cliff, a beautiful one. There’s also a round arena which I think they sometimes use as a stage for kecak dance performance. Plus… there are lots of monkeys in this area. They live free and uncaged, so you must be careful with what you bring or wear. Some of them are naughty enough to grab it from you without permission (^_^)