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Tonight is the night. By tomorrow night, I’ll be long gone from here. I’m going to leave to a place where I haven’t been for a very long time.

It’s a very tiring day. I need to take care of many things. 1st I met Rama (our graphic designer) and get our latest design in Cempaka Mas, then I need to go back home because I forgot bringing my wallet 😐 Went straight to Mangga Dua after that to buy some things and retrieve my laptop (which was being service for 2 weeks wihout any improvement; Damn!! Whoops, sorry bout that). Continued then to Pasar Baru for Coat Fitting. And finally, headed to Kelapa Gading to print some photos and fix my broken watch.

Thankfully, they’re not in a very far distance. But I still miss a bit more things in my to-do list. I hope I could have everything in the list done before 2pm tomorrow.

The plan for a gathering before my leave is all canceled. Sorry guys, I promise we’ll do it another time.

It’s late. Honestly, I’ve had many things to share and have been trying to spare some times to post it. But I still couldn’t find the chance. Now? I can’t, I’m too sleepy (yawning).

g’night people…
i want to dream about… denpasar…

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4 Responses to “Jakarta Today”

  1. Chen Hendrawan Says:

    Selamat jalan, kawan.

  2. ahmad simanjuntak Says:

    Semoga perjalanannya lancar 🙂

  3. oktaendy Says:

    Ingat buat bloging cerita dan pemandangan indah pulau dewata
    Good Luck My Friend!

  4. Ri Chan Says:

    hu hu hu… ru sann
    miss u.
    hu hu hu hu

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