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7 Most Common Mistakes about Sallary

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Dolar Roll

  1. Asking others’

    It’s not polite to ask one’s sallary. Especially when we’re not close enough to do so. Beside, knowing other people’s income is not as cool as we might think. Are you sure you’re ready to hear the answer?

  2. Telling yours

    So what if someone ask you the question? It’s your right to choose to classify or share the number. But be aware, not everyone could feel the same way you do about the number (if you know what I mean)

  3. Knowing others’

    It’s not a mistake if we finally find out one’s sallary. But what comes next is what we should really treat very carefully. I personally believe that the key to handle this is motivation! When you find out others make more than you, motivate your self! When you find out you make more than others, motivate them!

  4. Adjusting sallary to others

    OK, you now know other’s sallary. Then what? Don’t ask for a raise so you could earn as much as others do. You’ll end up having stupid silence between you n your boss 😛 They earn what they earn because they deserve it. If you’re so sure you deserve it, too, prove it!


Power of Eyes

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Power of EyesHave you ever been in a condition when you’re in the middle of something somewhere, an undescribeable instinct tells you that someone is watching you. Well, of course they’re not always real, but I’m sure there are times when it is. Times when you accidentally have eye contact to that someone. This is what I discover as the Power of Eyes.

You might like to have a little test. Indeed, I suggest you to have one. Try this, go to a restaurant and start staring at some people for a few minutes. If you’re lucky, you’ll have at least 3 of 5 person noticing you. Why? Once again, it’s the Power of Eyes. But what if you failed? try it again in a police station, you’ll get lucky for sure 😀

Well, this is just a little demonstration of using the power of our eyes. And there are other things I’ve learned through live experience. Right now I would like to share one of them:

More Eye Contact for More Chance of Good Relationship


2 x Memory SODIMM 256MB DDR PC2700

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Buat yang butuh memory untuk laptop, kebetulan gw punya memory 2nd (bekas gw pake sendiri, gw jamin ok punya 😀 hehe). Silahkan yang mau, ada barang di obral di obral, Memory Laptop DDR 512MB (2 x 256MB), merek Samsung, biasa di gunakan di Toshiba Tecra S2 saya. Bonus nya dapet FREE! kotak memory V-Gen, bekas memory gw yang baru (hehehe 😛 ). Boleh kirim ke seluruh Indonesia, ongkos taxi ditanggung pembeli 😀


* Bukan foto barang
Memory Notebook / SODIMM
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Melihat Lebih ke Dalam

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“Gak mau. Pokoknya aku gak mau! Kamu aja sana!”, seorang anak duduk di trotoar dengan muka merengut. Dia menolak ajakan teman yang berdiri di depannya.

“Goblok! Sampai kapan sih lu mau sok hebat? Seminggu ini lu cuma makan sekali sehari kan? Terserah lu lah!”, sang teman berjalan menjauh menuju keramaian pasar di seberang mereka. Krucuk… krucuk… Beberapa semut yang lewat merasa iba mendengar suara perut si anak. Sementara orang yang berlalu lalang bahkan tidak menyadari kehadirannya.

“Ugh, lapar…”, anak itu meringkuk sudah tidak bisa lagi menahan laparnya. Hari ini kondisinya sudah tidak seperti seminggu sebelumnya. “ibu…”, kata itu yg terakhir terucap sebelum dia pingsan.


Pasti ini surga, dia terkejut karena tiba-tiba dia sedang duduk di meja makan dengan kehangatan sebuah rumah. Semua terlihat sederhana, tapi kehangatan itu benar-benar membuat dirinya nyaman. Seorang wanita terlihat sedang sibuk menyiapkan hidangan.

“Ibu?”, bibirnya melirih pelan kata yang sangat ia rindukan. Ah, anak itu baru menyadari ada seorang lelaki yang duduk di seberang meja. Matanya menatap dengan hangat. Senyumnya… duh, tidak jelas, wajahnya tidak bisa terlihat jelas. hmmm…. wangi sekali bau masakan ini. Wanita itu mendekat membawa beberapa piring hidangan dan meletakkannya di atas meja. Ugh, wajahnya juga tidak terlihat jelas. “Aku ingin melihat… aku ingin lihat… ibukah? ayahkah?”

“Hoi! Hoi! Culik! Ayo makan dulu. Apa kamu mau pilih mati saja?”, suara itu menariknya dari alam surga impiannya.


1 vs 364

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Today is my 1 of 365. The day most people would wish to pass in a very special way. Me? Why should I be different? Beside, this 1 should be my last chance to celebrate it as a single man.

iPod kocuThe 1st present I received was an earthquake exactly a few minutes passed 00:00 am. It alerted everyone to jump out of the house and congrats me 😛 hehe — NOPE! Wait a minute, that’s not the 1st. My lovely ri chan gave me the 1st present yesterday. A lovely 30gigs black iPod with a blue rubber sheath. Thank you ri chan!!! Anyway, I don’t receive much congrats though. Well, a bit less than expected. I guess It’s because I didn’t have frequent meeting with most of my friends lately. That’s alright for me. I know they don’t forget it on purpose 😀

So, why should I bother the 1 day when I still have 364 days to enjoy with my friends 🙂

Merah Putih

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Indonesian FlagAugust is the perfect month to talk about nationality in Indonesia. Merah Putih is the color of Indonesian Flag. Merah (red) means dare or brave and Putih (white) is the symbol of righteousness, also means pure or sincere. The combination would mean dare to do the right things or Brave when being right. But too bad, I think we didn’t manage the flag well, the white has turned a bit yellow, with dirts all around. We keep the bravery, but not the righteousness. I’ve been wondering all this time, what would our country be in the next 5 to 10 years? Better? or Worst? Well, I surely hope we can rebuild a better Indonesia for the sake of our children. I know it needs more than 1 generation of evolving, but what’s more important is to Start!

Start from the small things, Start from ourself, Start from now (I think I learn this from AA Gym)

So how do we start? Yes, It’s very important to start from ourself, but what’s more important is to start from inside of our Government. To be honest, I think this is almost impossible. The system has rotten to the core, and most of the people is not in a better condition than the system. But, impossible is not in my dictionary. There’s always a way. All we need is the will.



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Narcissism 6 Photos

STORY: What’s wrong with being narcist once in a while? I was waiting for ri chan in the new house and didn’t know what else to do. So I looked at Ri’s Mobile Phone on my hand, and before I realized, I’ve already started taking shots (^_^)

You can’t say love to others if you don’t even know how to love yourself