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Kronos: Reunion

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Kronos in an ancient greek word refers to sequential or linear time. The greeks have two ways in expressing time, Kronos and Kairos. To describe them the easiest way, Kronos would means ordinary time, while Kairos means extraordinary time. In kronos, kairos happens. To describe it a bit deeper, Kronos is adapted to chronology, where time passes by on a measured basis, seconds, minutes, days, weeks and so on. We schedule our lives by it. Kairos, is the time of good things, time when we doesn’t even feel it ticking. So what’s kronos doing in my blog? (^_^)


Corner Goal

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Whoa… It’s getting harder finding some spare time to update my blog (^_^) corner goal? nah.. it’s not about real football. It’s Pro Evolution Soccer!! The Official English Version of Winning Eleven, a football game developed by Konami. It has been released to many platformsl like PS, PS2, XBOX and thanx God… the PC version (“,)

PES6 - Corner GoalThis is my 1st corner goal (a direct goal from a corner kick) saved a few months ago when I play with dewa. I was using Manchester United when I made this goal, and dewa was using Arsenal. Ryan Giggs is the man who take the corner kick, he has great curve. The first time I used MU and had Giggs take the corner kick, I tried to pass the kick inside the box with a bit curve, but it ended up curving so wide flying out of the field. It gave me the thought to try to kick it directly to the goal, and it took me several corner kicks before I finally made one.

Anyway, read more and see the Flash Video Streaming I’ve created. If you want to know how I captured the goal and create the streaming if Flash, well… I’ll share it later (^_^) so be sure to come and visit my blog again.


a Friendster Testimony for my Love One

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Beberapa hari yang lalu gw isi testimony buat uly di friendsternya (^_^) here it is…

* Sahat
* Posted 13/5/2007
* Uly ini kenal pertama kali dari my best friend. Kebetulan mereka semarga, jadi udah kaya kaka adek, termasuk kalo lagi berantem :p

Dari pertama kenal itu sudah ada ‘kesan’ yang menggoda, lalu jadi sering bertemu lagi karena akhirnya kita 1 gereja. Selama terus menjalin hubungan sebagai teman sepelayanan, ‘kesan’ itu masih terus menetap.

Setelah kira-kira hampir 2 tahun, ‘kesan’ itu mulai menampakkan dirinya ke permukaan, hingga terlihat jelas. Dia mulai menuntut penyampaian, ingin menunjukkan eksistansinya.

Setelah bbrp lama, akhirnya kami saling mengetahui bahwa kami memiliki ‘kesan’ yang sama. Maka ‘kesan’ itu kami ambil, dan kami letakkan di hati dan kami beri nama ‘komitmen’, yang kalau dihitung2 saat ini sang ‘komitmen’ sudah berumur hampir 4,5 tahun.

Kalau-kalau ada yang bingung bacanya, terjemahannya sederhana ko, intinya, Sahat sayang Uly, I love u Ri chan…

oh iya, Ri Chan itu panggilan saya

Sayangnya kepotong akhirnya, padahal masih bisa tuh, kayanya textbox tidak memperhitungkan karakter seperti (new line) deh.

Describe Lazy, Please

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Chenz post a link in his blog today. Its title is 10 attributes of really lazy people. I wonder if you have any of them. Curious? just check the link on his blog


FFVII - Advent Children…and btw, I’ve just update my about page (changed it to about me) and also added the Indonesian Version of it (named it tentang gw), please have a visit or even add comments to it (^_^) thanx

they begin in mind, filtered by heart

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I’m not sure you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my tagline recently. It now says, well, you can see at the top of the page, and it’s the same as the title of this post. What is it all about? It’s just a quote coming out of my head.

They begin in mind, this first 4 words is what came out first. They mean whatever we want, whatever we do, whatever we say, they begin in our mind. They started abstract, untouchabel nor unseen. That is their first form. Do you wanna get a promotion? In your job, or in whatever you do now? It’s started in your head.

Filtered by heart, the next 3 words is somewhat a reminder. We can think whatever we want, or wish whatever we like, but our heart is the filter. Whether you will get promoted, it’s your heart to decide. How strong your will is, how hard you will try, how persistence you would be, they’re the reflection of your heart.

Your mind do the thingking, the wishing, the hoping or the expectation, and your heart set the commitment, the discipline and the hard work.

Blogging to Me

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Gw pertama kenal blog itu tau dari friendster. Sejak tahu bahwa friendster punya fasilitas untuk bikin personal blog secara gratis, gw mulai aktifin blog gw dan posting macem-macem. Gak kerasa, ternyata gw sudah nge blog lebih dari 1,5 tahun. Masih sedikit sih kalo dibandingin senior blogger yg laen (^_^)

Banyak sih gak enaknya pake blog di friendster, soalnya terbatas banget fasilitas yg kita dapet. Sampai akhirnya chen (temen gw) beli nama domain, sewa hosting dan bikin blog sendiri (waktu itu gw blom tau wordpress sama sekali). Dari situ gw mulai agak tergoda buat ngekor, dan alhasil pada akhir bulan February 2007 ini gw membeli nama domain dan sewa hosting dari tempat yang sama dengan temen gw itu. Kebetulan lagi ada promosi jadi gw langsung beli 2 paket dan dapet 1 paket gratis. Yang 1 dipake ama irwan, dan yang gratis buat uly.


Bible Fight

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Bible FightWoW! While googling the net for bible manga, I found another bible related cool stuff! Well, depends on how u look at it 😐 It’s a flash game, Bible Fight, presented by [adult swim] and developed by pop&co. As a flash amateur, I was very amazed by this game. The graphic, the music, the movement, gameplay, everything about this game is technically cool (–)

To me as a christian, I found it kinda awkward to play as my own God, or even worst, It can end up I’m beating my God. Phew… Anyway, don’t blame me for whatever you might experience. Remember what I’ve said and click here to play Bible Fight at your own risk (^_^)

Bible Fight