Short Mail by Adachi Mitsuru

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I’ve posted about Adachi Mitsuru before, he’s one of my favorite manga artist. I happened to bump to one of his one-shot a few weeks ago. It’s a 4 page manga in Japanese, but don’t worry, it has no conversation at all. I believe this very short comic could describe Adachi Mitsuru better than my review. Enjoy it… (^^)

Short Mail - 01

Short Mail - 02 2

Short Mail - 03 3

Short Mail - 04 4

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11 Responses to “Short Mail by Adachi Mitsuru”

  1. peuneng Says:

    hi, there.

    I’ve just been through google to find news update of Adachi Mitsuru. and there i saw your blog. i’ve always been Adachi’s fan.

    and…thx for the short story. i hvnt seen it anywhere even in english scanlation manga. i gotta find someone who can translate those small words.

    i love it and it’s full color page. 🙂

  2. kocu Says:

    holla from here,

    I actually found it somewhere in the web, but I can’t remember where it was.

    I’m glad you enjoy it (^_^) But I’m sure this short story is quite understandable even without knowing the meaning of the text.

  3. Gerard Says:

    Hi. Thanks a lot for this short story. Same as peuneng, I just happened to find it through Google looking for interesting news about Adachi Mitsuru.
    You’re right – this story is fully understandable even for those who don’t understand Japanese language. And it’s very nice, so thank you again ^-^

  4. kocu Says:

    you welcome 🙂 it’s a good feeling to know that there’s someone out there sharing the same interest.

  5. T-bag Says:

    I am a big fan of mitsuru adachi too but it very difficult to find his comic in my country…actually i prefer to read “real comic” that i can touch than comic that scanned in internet coz i feel dizzy when read it…by the way..thanx for the post

  6. kocu Says:

    Yap. Reading “real comics” is much more fun than reading the scanned/scanlation version. You should promote adachi to other comic lovers in your country, hoping that publishers will notice the fans growth.

  7. Melita Says:

    Hi there!
    Hihi. The comic is cute (it’s sooo Adachi Mitsuru).

    Oh, and it’s not in Japanese. It’s in Chinese. *make not much of a difference, I am not fluent in Chinese. hihi*

  8. kocu Says:

    Yay! You’re right, Melita! The text is in chinese, only some text in the comic background is in japanese 🙂 I didn’t realize it all this time (^_^) But still I don’t understand any of them 😛 hehe

  9. septo Says:

    komiknya lucu, khas adachi 😀

  10. kocu Says:

    yap, setuju 200% 🙂

  11. nodsy Says:

    For those who don’t get the story….
    Pay attention to the envelopes. Notice which one the boy takes and which one the girl picks up. ^_^

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