The Manga Bible

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WoW, I’ve just read quite a shocking news. This really is something, cool! especially for manga lovers who happens to be a christian. Yes, I mean it, The Manga Bible is not a complete list of manga presented in a book, nope! It’s really is the manga version of what we know as the best selling book in the world, the Bible.

The Manga Bible - ExtremeThe Manga Bible - NT ExtremeThe Manga Bible - NT Raw

I still haven’t found a complete review about Manga Bible, most sites I’ve explored are selling it with short preview or just giving a short preview with some cover images. But I found out it’s not actually japanese manga, because the manga artist was actually a British/Nigerian name siku. It’s published by Hodder Headline, a British publishing company with a number of well-known imprints, part of the Hodder Headline Group (quoted from wiki). Well, I think anywhere in the world, most kids will love to read comic books rather than the bible. And since the Japanese Manga style is Booming, it’s great to have Bible in a manga version.

Searching at the official site of its official publishers, I found 3 released of this manga, here they are with short descriptions I quoted from the official publisher site:

  1. The Manga Bible – Extreme

    The first ever Manga adaptation of the Full Bible to be published in English! Includes the full Bible text.

  2. The Manga Bible – NT Extreme

    God`s Word as you`ve never seen it before! The first ever Manga adaptation of the Bible to be published in English – printed here with full TNIV Bible text.

  3. The Manga Bible – NT Raw

    God`s Word as you`ve never seen it before! The first ever Manga adaptation of the Bible to be published in English.

That’s all the information I could gather for now, let’s hope that it would reach Indonesia soon (^_^)

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3 Responses to “The Manga Bible”

  1. Ray Says:

    Saya kalo mau beli manga ini dimana yah..??
    dan berapaan..?

    kalo lewat amazon itu saya tidak ada credit card-nya, hehehe..

    thanks, semoga ada yang bisa bantu saya, Gbu

  2. kocu Says:

    wah, sori mas Ray, setau saya di indonesia blum masuk. Kalau ada saya jg mau beli 😛 hehe

  3. Michael Irvan Says:

    bro pengen beli nih… kalo lewat dr luar beli d mana yah.. u uda beli bro?

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