Bible Fight

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Bible FightWoW! While googling the net for bible manga, I found another bible related cool stuff! Well, depends on how u look at it 😐 It’s a flash game, Bible Fight, presented by [adult swim] and developed by pop&co. As a flash amateur, I was very amazed by this game. The graphic, the music, the movement, gameplay, everything about this game is technically cool (–)

To me as a christian, I found it kinda awkward to play as my own God, or even worst, It can end up I’m beating my God. Phew… Anyway, don’t blame me for whatever you might experience. Remember what I’ve said and click here to play Bible Fight at your own risk (^_^)

Bible Fight

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3 Responses to “Bible Fight”

  1. Gabe Says:

    The worst game I ever see…

  2. kocu Says:

    see… I’ve told you 😀

  3. abimono Says:

    di lebi para2… ada flash game jesus vs mohammed… gokil abis deh. kekeke…. coba di search. kalau belum di banned ya. tapi biasa materi2 gini ga pernah dibanned ma newgrounds.

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